Thursday, July 9, 2009

AOL Features The Wearable Towel In "Best Infomercial Products"

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  1. Aol news "We Try It" ( As-Seen-on-TV)

    wearable towel rated 5 out of 5 sham wows

    Does the Wearable Towel keep you comfy in the summer?

    Do you want to know how to meet tons of hot guys this summer? Get a Wearable Towel. Trust me on this.

    What is the Wearable Towel, you ask? It's basically the summer version of the Snuggie. I got the Wearable Towel because I'm a total dork. I own just about every infomercial product known to man. The less I need it ... THE MORE I NEED IT. But little did I know that when you go to a pool or beach party with the super-dorky Wearable Towel, each and every single person at the party will talk to you. That includes every single cute guy AND all of their friends.

    I'll tell you exactly why you need this stupid towel:

    1. It's very soft -- the silkiest towel I've ever owned.

    2. It comes in three patriotic colors: red, white and blue. With the election of President Obama it's cool to be patriotic again so I suggest collecting all three. The only way it would be better is if it came in an actual American flag pattern ... or black. Who doesn't love black?

    3. It's perfect for the beach and pool parties. You don't even need to wear clothes. It's actually a cute little dress when it's on. If you want to look fancy, just throw on a belt.

    4. It comes in every size you can imagine. No matter how fat or skinny you are, they make a Wearable Towel in your size.

    5. And most important of all, it's the ultimate icebreaker. You will meet a ton of people if you are wearing a Wearable Towel. Every single cute guy at the party will come up to you at some point and ask you about the towel or make some kind of goofy joke about it.

    You are always the center of attention in a Wearable Towel. It's also the perfect excuse for further contact. When people see you in the Wearable Towel, and they see all the attention you're getting, they will feel like they need one too ... so they will ask you where to get one. If they're ugly, tell them to Google it, and if they're hot tell them you'll email or Facebook them the link. Ba da bing -- contact made, friendship started and the next thing you know the Wearable Towel has landed you a hot new boyfriend and/or booty call.

    Get your stupid Wearable Towel now and thank me later.

    Price: $19.95 plus shipping and handling
    Rating: 5 out of 5 ShamWows