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We Can’t Believe These Wacky Products Actually Exist!
If you haven’t heard of the Snuggie by now, then you’re either living under a rock — or trapped in a sleeveless blanket. It's become such a pop-culture phenomenon that we went on the hunt for more inventions (and videos) corny enough to give the lounger-sleeping-bag-bodysuit a run for its money. And what we found... well, we just can’t make this stuff up.

The Wearable Towel
Okay, in all fairness, it is next to impossible to keep your towel from slipping off as you engage in all your post-shower activities — like blow-drying your hair or clipping your toenails (hunched over and naked is not a pleasant angle for anyone). So we might be willing to give the wearable towel a pass if (1) robes didn't already exist, and (2) this infomercial didn't show a guy rocking it toga style in public at a barbecue with other couples in their respective wearable towels.

By Jessica Knoll


Washington Post "Just lets it soak in" with the Wearable Towel

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Notes on a Business Page "New Towel Technology"

No, the title of this post is not a typographical error; I refer here to a new product which is taking the country, and eventually will take the world, by storm.
A product for all of the members of our civilization who are being unfairly punished, embarrassed, or just inconvenience by the existing towel technology, and yearn for something better. For too long, innocent members of society who are (through no fault of their own!) too dim to figure out how to wrap a towel around themselves have suffered shame an humiliation, but now thanks to the miracle of science (and the efforts of a truly ingenious couple from Florida), you too can reap the benefits of the Wearable Towel
…As reported this week in the Washington Post, the Wearable Towel, or simply the Wearable, is generally similar to a conventional towel, only with the addition of arm holes on each side. It’s manufactured in Turkey (which does not, actually, make it a Turkish towel, however) and available direct to you at the low, low price of just $19.99 plus shipping and handling.
The designer suggests that you can wear it anywhere you would wear an actual towel (including in your back yard, at a barbeque, at parties, etc.) and that you can be “totally undressed” (emphasis theirs) under this towel if circumstances require it!

The Washington Post Discusses What To Do "When A Typical Towel Is Just Too Difficult" Buy Your Wearable Towel!

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Wearable Towel Makes Runway

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Wearable Towel Makes The Homepage of AOL

AOL rates Wearable Towel #1 as seen on tv beauty product.

Wearable Towel makes RED CARPET

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