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LIVE LIFE "Wearable Towel"

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We Can’t Believe These Wacky Products Actually Exist!
If you haven’t heard of the Snuggie by now, then you’re either living under a rock — or trapped in a sleeveless blanket. It's become such a pop-culture phenomenon that we went on the hunt for more inventions (and videos) corny enough to give the lounger-sleeping-bag-bodysuit a run for its money. And what we found... well, we just can’t make this stuff up.

The Wearable Towel
Okay, in all fairness, it is next to impossible to keep your towel from slipping off as you engage in all your post-shower activities — like blow-drying your hair or clipping your toenails (hunched over and naked is not a pleasant angle for anyone). So we might be willing to give the wearable towel a pass if (1) robes didn't already exist, and (2) this infomercial didn't show a guy rocking it toga style in public at a barbecue with other couples in their respective wearable towels.

By Jessica Knoll


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